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A simple tool to boost your online engagement and sales. We offer quality and support.

personalized interactive catalogue


Every client is unique and has different needs. We adapt our online catalogue and flipbook solution to suit your personal requirements.


Our interactive catalogues and flipbooks help you boost your online presence and your sales performance.


We care about our clients and you will receive dedicated support from us throughout the entire project.


Online catalogues and interactive brochures for retailers & eCommerce businesses
Interactive online newspapers, eBooks, online magazines and other online publications for media publishers
Online flipbooks for corporations & public organisations such as: digital annual reports and other financial reports, business presentations.

We can transform any PDF file into an online flipbook that can help you achieve your business goals, whether you wish to boost sales, generate leads or just grow your online identity.

flexible intercative catalogue solution

Want to see how your personalised online flipbook could look like?

responsive interactive catalogue


With many unique features, the Interactively online catalogue solution not only makes your brochures interactive but also attractive and easy to use for your client.

Realistic page turning feel

Attractive and easy browsing

User tracking for enhanced sales performance

Integration to your business social media accounts

Integrate video and animation

Simple integration on your website

Offline versions for your sales team

Plus many more features and tools to help improve the client experience

For more details, check out the complete list of our interactive catalogue features.

How It Works

The easiest way from print or PDF catalogue version to a dynamic online catalogue.


You tell us the details of your project and based on your requirements, we help you choose which features will work best for your online brochure and budget.


Send us a simple PDF to be converted to a fantastic flipbook. We can also support many other format types.


We provide full support and project management from start to the finish of the interactive online catalogue creation process.

pdf to interactive catalogue transformation

Want to learn more about Interactively online catalogue solution and the pricing options? Let’s get in touch now!

Our Work

We aim to understand our clients’ requirements and deliver the highest standards of the online flipbook possible.

The Swiss Holiday Company online brochure
The Swiss Holiday Company online brochure
Harry Shaw online brochure
Harry Shaw online brochure
Yves Rocher online brochure
Yves Rocher online brochure
Bluewatter flipbook
Bluewatter flipbook
interactive catalogue Cora Romania
Cora Romania retail catalogue
Hawk Technical company online brochure
Hawk Technical company online brochure

Our Features

With a multitude of features to select from, we can create a custom & memorable interactive catalogue experience for your clients.


The most common features you need to make your online brochure interactive and attract leads.
Interactive zones and hotspots

Zoom on multiple areas showing them side by side, add product links or a detailed description. Your customers will better interact with your online brochure and products, articles or presentations.

Share to social media

Share products, articles and stories on social media channels and boost traffic and sales.

Contextual backgrounds, buttons and banners

Set the customers in the appropriate mood for each chapter by changing the background or buttons and banners.

Special Print

Let users print a page with different content. For exemple, add copyright message or other text message.

Bookmarks and page notes

Customers can bookmark pages for later reading. Let them add notes and review them easily using a complete management tool.

Table of contents

Make your table of contents a spectacular landing page or just a classical list of chapters.

PDF download

Allow your customers to download the whole PDF version or just a selection of pages to view and browse offline.

Page browsing

Navigate through the online catalogue with a flip effect in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Other options of page browsing can be implemented on request.


A set of features that add value to your interactive catalogue and definitely make an impression.
E-Commerce integration

Connect the online catalogue to your e-commerce website and your customers can buy directly from here.


The visitors can create wishlists that can be shared or printed. Going even further, this wishlist can be transformed into a quote request or even a buying order.


Start the online brochure with an animated front page and your customer will be eager to navigate further.

Offline version

Distribute your interactive catalogue as an offline version for PC and MAC and your customers will easily browse it without an internet connection. Also, the source files of the online catalogue can be saved on mobile drivers and sent to resellers.

Product technical specification

To better describe the products and services attach them technical documentation with full product details.

Multimedia content

Enrich your publication with videos, slideshows, music, audio files that will make it more attractive.

Personalised PDF selection

Let customers build a personalised version of the interactive online catalogue as a PDF file and then download it.

Web Accessibility

Remove barriers that prevent interaction by creating an online brochure for people with disabilities.


Mostly exclusive features which turn your online brochure into a really unique interactive catalogue.
Real time prices

Update prices in real time to react quickly to market changes.

Real time stock

Connect the online catalogue with your stock management platform and let the visitors check the product availability for each online store.

Mobile version

Wrap your interactive catalogue in a native Google Android or Apple IOS application and send it to your collaborators. No Google Play / App Store submitting needed.

Call To Action buttons

We all know the presence of a CTA helps the conversion rate increase. Add them to your interactive catalogue and improve traffic and sales. Gain more subscribers to your newsletter and increase the leads number.

Price personalisation

Show custom prices by market or store location or by reseller profile.


Track every visit from your customers and adapt to their behaviour. Which page is most visited, which product is the most clicked and many other useful information.

Restricted authorised access

Access to the online flipbook can be restricted to clients that have been authenticated by personal credentials. Authorisation can be done on the website or directly from the flipbook.

Customized Branded User Interface

Unique graphic design, created to follow your brand identity. We don’t only color your user interface, we customize completely the buttons, backgrounds, colors, navigation menus, panels and functionalities.

Wall of products

The online catalogue pages will disappear and all the products will be displayed as a Pinterest wall gallery. Add as many tags and filters as needed.

Alphabetical Index

It arranges your products or services in an alphabetical list linked to the relevant pages. The visitors will easily find what they need with just two clicks/taps.

Product glorifier

Highlight of the premium products by zooming in the cropped product area with only a mouse click/tap.

Limited distribution

Publish the online catalogue to your internal private network only and keep the confidential or sensitive content away from public view.

Want to learn more about Interactively online catalogue solution and the pricing options? Let’s get in touch now!

Our Pricing

We offer a range of pricing to suit all budgets and to help you decide if Interactively online catalogue solution is for you. 

flexible intercative catalogue solution

Why choose our one time priced solution

Our prices are a one-off fee – So no long-term monthly hosting and subscriptions fees.

We do all the work!  With the monthly subscription fee solutions, you have to factor in that someone in your organisation will have to manually upload the files and spend many hours perfecting the layout and general usability.

You host, so you’re in control – As we provide all the code for you to host the online brochure, you will get better visibility on what your clients are viewing, downloading and sharing to social media.

Free sample demo – We can create a small part of your online brochure free of charge, so you have a better idea of the look and feel.

Pricing examples for standard flipbook

10 pages



  • HTML 5 standard branded graphics
  • Full page processing
  • Interactive zones
  • URL and video encoding
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Download version
  • Contents menu creation
  • Thumbnail view
  • Dedicated Project management

30 pages



  • HTML 5 standard branded graphics
  • Full page processing
  • Interactive zones
  • URL and video encoding
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Download version
  • Contents menu creation
  • Thumbnail view
  • Dedicated Project management

60 pages



  • HTML 5 standard branded graphics
  • Full page processing
  • Interactive zones
  • URL and video encoding
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Download version
  • Contents menu creation
  • Thumbnail view
  • Dedicated Project management

100 pages



  • HTML 5 standard branded graphics
  • Full page processing
  • Interactive zones
  • URL and video encoding
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Download version
  • Contents menu creation
  • Thumbnail view
  • Dedicated Project management

Interactively online catalogue Premium solution start from an additional £200 and include:

  • Custom branded graphics and user interface
  • Custom animations to make your solution stand out from the crowd
  • Plus much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you in your decision process, we answered some our clients’ top questions.


The main advantage of using our interactive catalogue solution is that it’s customised with features that best meet your needs, which makes it easier to browse and better looking for your clients.


No, you don’t pay a monthly fee. You pay for each individual brochure you require, and if you have reoccurring projects we will be able to reduce your cost on follow up flipbooks. You can choose from a wide range of features to create the online brochure that matches your needs and your budget!


The duration varies for each project depending on the complexity and the urgency asked by the client. We have turned around large projects in a matter of days. We do offer express delivery at extremely competitive rates.


From basic to pro, we have a comprehensive set of features available. As part of the free quote process, our sales team can recommend you the best features based on your specific requirements and budget.

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